Canadian alliances

Currently, in Canada there are a total of 25 alliances at various stages of development.

What is the definition of an active alliance?
An alliance that is either operationally or structurally established. An alliance that is operationally established is one that has generated one or more benefits for its members. An alliance that is structurally established is an alliance that has a governance system and structure in place that makes it an independent self functioning entity (i.e. a company, a society, a cooperative, etc.)

What is the definition of a developing alliance?
An alliance that has a champion and that has met multiple times with a steering committee for the purposes of forming an active alliance.

What is the definition of a concept alliance?
An alliance idea that has an interim or permanent champion who has developed a strategy for establishing an alliance, and that has multiple interested potential members.

ACC 2012 will showcase many of these existing alliances from across Canada, including:

Alliance nameAreaStatus
Abulcasis Dental AllianceNationalActive
Canadian Ismaili Eye Care Professional's (CIECP) AllianceNationalActive
Effective Pricing Solutions Inc. (Retirement Home Group Purchasing) AllianceNational (British Columbia / Alberta focused)Active
Jubilee Hospitality Association Canada (Hoteliers Alliance)National / GlobalActive
Jubilee Printing and Graphics Alliance Society (Printers Alliance)NationalActive
Travel Agency Owners and Executives AllianceNational / GlobalActive
Jubilee Alliance Trucking Inc.AlbertaActive
Avicenna Physicians Alliance of BCBritish ColumbiaActive
Chiropractors AllianceBritish ColumbiaActive
Ismaili Legal Professionals of British Columbia (ILPBC) AllianceBritish ColumbiaActive
The Professionals AllianceBritish ColumbiaActive
My Business and Professionals Associates (MyBPA) AllianceOntarioActive
Pharmacy Business Alliance (former Axis Pharmacy member)OntarioActive
Avicenna Canada Alliance (Pharmacists)NationalDeveloping
Ismaili PhD's - Academics and Researchers AllianceGlobalDeveloping
Accountants and Bookkeepers AllianceAlbertaDeveloping
Authors AllianceBritish ColumbiaDeveloping
Educators AllianceBritish ColumbiaDeveloping
Legal Professionals AllianceOntarioDeveloping
Teachers AllianceOntarioDeveloping
Accountants AllianceBritish ColumbiaConcept
Artists AllianceBritish ColumbiaConcept
Breakfast Restaurant Owners AllianceQuebecConcept
Depanneur (Convenience Store Owners) AllianceQuebecConcept
IT AllianceBritish ColumbiaConcept
Lawyers AllianceAlbertaConcept
Rehab Professionals AllianceOntarioConcept
Women's Hair Salon AllianceQuebecConcept